Creating 4.6 ui button active zone bigger then Image within it

Hello. I have an image, let’s say 100x100, I want to do a button bigger then this image (let’s say 300x300), furthermore I want to do so that button animations affect on this image too.

Well, what I already did:

  1. Created the button
  2. Removed component “image (Script)” from it, set the button size to 300x300
  3. Created object - UI image with component “image (Script)” within and attached this object as a child of button
  4. Set the button “Transition” field to “Animation”
  5. Run the game

The result is: the button only works if I press on image (which is 100x100), not when I press on the button rect itself.

Do not remove the Image component, set it’s color to transparent. I’m not sure if this is intentional or not, but I’ve noticed that Image components are the ones that makes something respond to mouse events.