Creating a Cube Projector

I would like to create a projector which draws a 1 by 1 red square on the terrain. I’ve tried setting the projector to orthographic and getting it to the right size and setting the texture to clamp.

Whatever i do the whole map is covered with the texture. I’m not exactly sure what I am missing.

I was able to track this one down. First import the standard projector examples from Unity. I don’t know why they don’t include it with the base content but projectors require a special material shader to work correctly, this shader is included in that package. Then configure your texture to match the settings, make sure it is set to Clamp. The the fall off texture is how much the projection fades out over distance, in my case I wanted it to stay solid so make it none or a solid white texture.

That should fix up your problem too!

1)Click in the inspector on the texture you see in your projector (the texture you’re actually projecting).

2)The Project will highlight your texture, click on it.

3)In the inspector where you have Wrap Mode select Clamp instead of Repeat.

You’re done.