Creating a custom input manager to let players choose buttons

I am working on a game for a school project so I need to write my own input manager,I can't use the custom input manager that Ward Dewaele wrote.. I need to allow the players to reassign buttons on a game pad at runtime from a menu.

For example, "jump" is defaulted to the "A" button but I need to let the player choose if they want to use another button. There will not be any keyboard or mouse input, only Xbox gamepad inputs need to be handled.

I don't know where to begin so any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks

download the inputmanager and learn from it :) its open source, you can see how i've done it and improve it - then if you want, share it with the comunity ;)

Go to this link: Custom Input Manager

It is a free package with a pdf guide on how you can create you very own input manager!!

Unity now includes player-configurable controls if you use the InputManager (see the launcher information at the bottom).