Creating a flashlight (spotlight) effect for unlit scenes/materials?

Hi everyone!

So, I’m currently working on a retro-style 3D game, and the way I achieved this so far is by using unlit materials for every scene with a custom shader that I use to tint the objects based on the atmosphere of the scene. I’m currently looking to create a flashlight for roaming guards, but I’m not really sure how to implement it. These are two ideas I’ve had, I would appreciate any advice:

  1. Using the URP decal projector
    I’ve used this quite a bit in my project to create “blob shadows” underneath the characters to make platforming easier. I can see this working, the only issue being that I did not find an option for the decal projector to project perspective (instead of using an orthographic projection). Is there something I can do to get the projector to use perspective?

  2. Using Spot Lights
    One thing I was wondering, because I have no other lights in my scene, if it was possible to get the real-time lighting data of an object and multiply a white color to the affected area? Sort of like a “light mask”? I’ve tried looking around, but except for one post that talked about getting the luminescence of just a specific point in SRP, no luck.

I’d appreciate any input about if any of these methods are viable, or if there’s another way to get this done that I haven’t considered yet.

Thanks a lot!