creating a game?

My friend is a proud owner of unity pro and we were both wondering if he can teach me via his computer with his purchased copy of unity pro and could i later on use his copy to develop a game and maybe even sell depending on the outcome of the whole project as an indie game? just verifying this so we both dont go against any terms…i did check the terms of licensing and so did he but we cannot find anything specific to this question.

NOTE: we are not and will not be developing together

hope to hear back from you soon
thank you for you’re time

You are able to get a free version of unity pro and learn along with him and still sell the resultant game if you so desire. Unity pro is only necessary for extra features or if you are a business entity earning over 100k a year

No, you can’t legally transfer a Unity license…

But the free version should be quite sufficient for anything you want to do as a new user; then you can save up for the Pro version.

You can sell what you make with the free version, it is just missing a few features from Pro.

Your beat bet would be to make your game usin the free version as unity pro has different things in it. Pointless to learn pro if u dont plan buying it,