Creating a GameObject fails directly after Loading a Level

This behavior puzzled me quite a bit 'till I figured out what was happening, so I thought I’d document it in the hope of saving someone else the trouble of troubleshooting.

Here’s the code I created that enabled me to isolate this issue - ObjectSpawner.js:
It should spawn Temp1, Temp2, and Temp3 - but even though Temp2 seems to spawn correctly it never appears in Unity’s scene hierarchy.

function Start () {

	var temp1 : GameObject = new GameObject("Temp1");

function Temp2 () {
	var temp2 : GameObject = new GameObject("Temp2");
	print(; //It looks like it exists...

function Temp3 () {
	var temp3 : GameObject = new GameObject("Temp3");

Question contains answer. If I should be posting questions I answer myself somewhere else, please let me know.