Creating a hole in a rigid body.

I am trying to create a hole for a ball to drop in to, kind of like a golf ball into a hole.

I am using a cube as a platform and am attempting to use a cylinder as a trigger to alter the ball's physics when it enters. The result is less than ideal. Is there a way I can "punch" a hole in a rigid body, or a work around?

Thanks in advance.

Model the actual shape you want. Using a cube makes no sense, at least as a collision mesh. Even if your rendered mesh is just a box with a hole painted on it, your collision mesh shouldn't match that.

It's great to use primitive colliders, but concave shapes are a pain with them. You could potentially do it with a bunch of box colliders, though.

im not 100% sure but if u use a texture and say if hit change texture to the same one but with hole if not u could make a box out of boxes and if box is hit eaither hit box is destroyed or a box in a certain spot is destroyed if whole box is hit