Creating a magnetic vehicle (like F-Zero) (2)


I'm on a new school and have to make something interactive (a game) and I would love to make a game like F-Zero, I'm a 3D-Modeller so I know this is quite hard to do with physics.

None the less I found something about it right here on the forum:

I just tried that script to get this working on a box and a track and make it float but that didn't work. The var idealPosition was missing or something.

Maybe I'm already starting with the hardest part but what would be a good way to power this vehicle? I only know how to work with WheelColliders and I've made stuff like

if (input.GetKey ("w"))

This probably isn't the best way, as we're working with physics right? As I said my knowledge of Unity is very basic and I'm beginning to see the logic in JavaScript now.

Could somebody here help me in the right direction?

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Couldn't you just add force to the vehicle to accelerate in the direction its facing?

Align the vehicle with the normal of the track mesh. I’m not sure how to do this in scripting seeing as I only know C# & C++, but I’m sure it couldn’t be too hard.