Creating a mesh out of a linerenderer - how do you convert revolved vertices set to triangles and uv's

Suppose you draw a line using linerenderer (and also have an array of points) - how do you turn that into a mesh?

To elaborate on my question... As I understand, you will need triangles and uv's - not just vertices...

So, suppose you rotate about a circle each of the points on the 1-d line along its local y (or z axis), the one perpendicular to the plane of the line. How do you convert these to triangles and uv's?

The pictorial equivalent is a lathe - which starts out as a 1-d line in a plane, which you simply rotate about a circle in the perpendicular direction:


So, in sum:

  • I know how to generate the vertices.
  • I am not sure how to generate the triangles - are they simply, count the vertices from 0?
  • I am not sure how to generate the UV's - conformal mapping of the 3d mesh to a plane?--

You cannot read data from a Line Renderer, so a direct conversion is impossible, without copying and pasting in the Editor.

Edit: Now that you've altered your question, check here. Using "LineRenderer" in the title is misleading; this has nothing to do with Line Renderers. A "lathe" is indeed what you should be asking about.

As for UVs, who knows what you want to do with that. Trying to texture something like this, in a non-abstract way, without actually using a modeling program, will be ridiculous.