Creating a Mobile Game for both Android and IOS

I need to create a basic mobile game for a class. Nothing big, menu, game over, 3 levels, etc. Small game. It’s for an IOS class, but I don’t have a mac or an IOS device. The college sorta sucker punched a lot of us with this class. Anyways, can I create a mobile game, deploy to android for testing, then when I get access to a Mac, deploy to an IOS device? What would need to be done for this to work, or can it work?

Better yet, can I build to IOS from my machine (Google has provided mixed answer on this question with different versions of Unity).

So I’m pretty sure to release for iOS you have to pay some money somewhere also, you have to do it on a mac computer, or at least a virtual pc OSX. But here is a link to a helpful document.

Introducing SwiftUI | Apple Developer Documentation

But the good news is that if you can get it to work on andriod there isn’t that much different to do for the iphone. Just the final steps of getting it from unity to the specific medium.

You can definitely create the game for both android and iOS using windows but you can only deploy to android. To deploy the game or even test it on an iOS device you will need a mac.
Here’s what you can do : You have a friend with mac, yes ? Then make your project on windows and deploy the game to iOS device using his mac. This is the easiest solution to your problem.