Creating a Mounted turret

hey guys i've been trying to figure this out. how can i make a weapon that is mounted (in other words stuck where it is) useable(FPS Game). i have the ability to pick up weapons, but i dont want to "pick it up permanently" but create and get on and off type weapon, similar to the MG in call of duty series and games like that.

thanks in advance

Have a trigger zone around the turret and in `OnTriggerEnter()` check if user has pushed your `Use` button. If they have, make the player invisible (`GameObject.visible?`) by using ` = false` and then switching the current `Camera` off and the Turret's `Camera` on. Then you need to write a script to control the turret

Edit: To make a trigger zone, go to GameObject -> Create Other -> Cube, resize the cube until it is the right size for your trigger zone, then on the box collider check `Is Trigger` and remove the `Mesh Renderer`. Then tag your player as `Player` and then you can check if your player walks into the trigger zone like this:

function OnTriggerEnter(collision : Collider) {
    if (collision.gameObject.CompareTag("Player") {
       // Player has walked into trigger zone.