Creating a multidimensional array List

In my game, I need to make a List that contains a 3 dimensional array of floats. I can create a list like this:

List<float> testList = new List<float>();

I also know how to create a multidimensional array, like this:

float[,,] testarray = new float[32,32,32];

The problem is I don’t know how to make testList contain float[,], rather than just a float. My ultimate goal is to hypotheticly be able to call values from the List like this:

foundvalue = testList[2][17,24,8];

Does anyone know how to create a special List/array like this? Ive looked online, and the closest thing I have found is a List within a List, but that is not what I need.

(Just so you know, I am working in C#, and have already called “using System.Collections.Generic;”)

Have you tried

List<float[,,] > testList = new List<float[,,]>();

How about a Dictionary with and integer key and a multidimensional array for the value. like:

Dictionary<int, float[,,]> testDict = new Dictionary<int, float[,,]>();