Creating a patcher - Solution without Admin Rights?

I am part of a team working on an application that will have added content over time. Our first thought was using a patcher, but we realized many of our clients will not have admin privileges on their computer, making it so that modifying content would be troublesome.

I’ve looked into asset bundles a little bit, where you can load in assets from the bundles which seems like it may be a possible solution, but we are worried about the 4GB cap for the project, over time the added scenes/assets may total to more than 4GB.

Does anyone have any thoughts on where I could look for solutions or possible ideas that may work, hopefully not requiring admin rights to update the software?

Using the web player may be an option since we can push the build to a server, but wanted to see if anyone had any other thoughts.

Thank you very much!

I would suggest you make a separate launcher application, probably not written in Unity. The launcher would get installed normally, by the IT department. Then when it opens, it would check for updates and (if necessary) download the Unity application into the user’s profile. It could then launch the application.

The IT department wouldn’t need to be involved in the update process because it’s only downloading files into the user’s own profile, and isn’t installing anything.