Creating a pause screen and resuming gameplay?

How would I go about creating a basic pause screen? All I want is when the player presses ‘P’ to overlay 3 buttons (but keep the game in the background, frozen) ‘Resume’, ‘Quit Game’, ‘Main Menu’. I would also want it to say if the user presses ‘Resume’ to load the game back to where it was.

Edit: Just to clear it up, I want to have the 3 buttons overlay the game that is playing currently and freeze the game in the background)

bool pause;

if(pause button pressed){
pause =!pause;

I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but the other day I came across this menu system template made by the Unity Devs. It’ll probably give you everything that you need.

Also, as @Veerababug mentioned above, you should be able to use time.timescale to pause the game in the background.