creating a range based on two incoming floats variables

In layman’s terms. Thank you.

This is what I need to do. I can’t wrap my head around it. I have two independent floats and I will like to combine them into one single float.

//float valuesOne returns numbers 1 to positive 100.
//float valuesTwo returns numbers from -1 to negative 100
// depending on the incoming data a new float will return a single float negative or positive.

float valuesOne = range (1 to 100)
float valuesTwo = range (-1 to - 100)

// a new float that combines both ranges to positive and negative. So range Range ((-100), (+100))
float Up&Down = (-100) - (+100).

Thank you!

If I understand what you want, is that you need to try a value between valuesOne and valuesTwo. If this is what you want you can simple use Random.Range(valuesTwo, valuesOne);

Thank you Anis1808,

It shouldn’t be random.

If valuesOne is 85 valuesTwo will be zero so it will return 85.

If valuesTwo is -35 valuesOne will be zero, so it will return -35.

I need variable to return a float with negative and positive in the range