Creating a skybox

Hello there.

First of all, I was searching and unfortunetly I didn’t find anything…

My question is, how can I create a skybox from signle sky image? How do I make these 6 pictures needed to skybox material in Unity? (Front, Back, Left, …)

If someone experienced could give me tips I would be greatful.
Thank you bros.

Is your image a panorama, is it tileable at the sides?
If so, you might get a chance, but making a 6-sided Skybox out of one picture is VERY complicated and takes lot of time and skill in any 2D programm. An example you may be interested in:

There are probably plenty of tutorials out there! It’s not an Unity related question, btw:)
I might also suggest to spend a few dollars to buy a professional one, I’ts mostly the easiest and common way.