Creating a sphere thats bumpy without 3d modeling

Hey guys, I'm awful with 3D modeling, and 3DS max. So, I was curious if it were possible in unity to make a sphere gameobject not perfectly round, so it has some bumps to it, and ridges to make it look like a cannonball more than just a sphere. If thats not possible, then thats fine, and ill just have to figure out how to use 3DS max better.

Use normalmaps.

Nope, you cannot do any modeling inside Unity. All you can do is use the basic shapes provided (cube, sphere, etc) and combine, mix, match, rotate and scale them to your liking.

edit: you could, however, like eric said use normalmaps. This wouldn't affect the actual model though, so it's interaction with other objects (physics, triggers, etc) would not change.