Creating a spherical world

I would like to create a spherical shape inside blender and then use it inside Unity as a planet to walk on. Unfortunatly a mesh of such a size would not be supported by Unity’s Mesh Collider. Why though? It seems like there used to be addons which seem to be gone from the market and they are either way to expensive for me. I am still curious how I would get such a mesh to collide properly. Just kind of properly. Because using the mesh collider and even using convex does not do anything at all returning an error and if it does something the shape of the collider is in no way acceptable as it is more a bounding box of the whole mesh. I wonder Why Unity has those limitations of vertices for mesh colliders though? I mean, a flat Terrain can have a lot vertices as well but a Terrain collider, which acts as a mesh collider for meshes, still works. How can I bypass this and still have such a big mesh with a proper collider? Does anybody know how to do such stuff inside of blender? And is Unity capable of such a collider created inside of blender and will it work?

Lucky u “Sebastian Lague” just has a tutorial for this;
checkout the below link :

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