Creating a system of questions and answers ?

I am creating a game where the player arrives at a designated place , more specifically a trigger , and that trigger appears a text in 3d doing to the player a question, what I want to know is how to create a text box so that the player type the answer , if the answer is correct it passes to the next level , just do not know how to create the testo box so that the player enter the answer and pressing the enter the script make the comparison if the answer is correct or is wrong , Could you help me?

@Lucao GameDev

You’ll want to have a look at the Input Field provided with the Unity GUI. Using this you could display the text box, have the player enter the text, and then evaluate it to a condition by simply checking the entered string element against the correct answer. Check out the links below.

Input Field Documentation

Input Field Scripting API

OnChangeEvent Scripting API