Creating a terrain of tiles from an dimensional array

Hello :smiley: commUnity! I apologise for my lack of terminology, please bare with me I am a newb. *Edit I’m using javascript as it’s what most the tutorials I find are using.

I have been following the Walker Boy Studio tutorials and they have been a great source of information, plus I have read countless other bits of information from many other sites and sources. After the amount of reading I have done it would be logical to assume I could or would understand how to create a terrain of square tiles in a grid, like a chess board. Yet I just can’t get my head around it. I know that I need to store the positions of my tiles in dimensional arrays, I know i need to make verticies to make a mesh which would make the tile. I guess what I am asking for is a dumbed down explanation of how to make a chessboard. If anyone knows of some good documentation that will help me on this that would be great or if anyone feels they could explain it to me then that too would be awesome. Just remember while I have watched alot of videos the terminology just confuses me so please use english where possible. Also I need an idiots answer lol, fi. Why do I goto a shop? An answer like “to buy something” doesn’t help me understand why I went to the shop, it just tells me what I went for. An answer like, “The shop sells items to people so they don’t have produce their own” is a much better answer. It tells me what a shop is and why I would need to use it. I hope that helps someone to help me a bit more.

My goal is literally just to learn how to make a mesh which I can repeat as a grid of tiles, a game you can use for an example is Wurm Online. The tiled/terrain system is exactly what I am trying to recreate, not blocks like MineCraft, but flat 2D planes repeated over and over which make up the geometry by variying the heights of each verticies.

So yeah, please any information you might have you think would benefit me or links you can share, then please share them with me. Bare in mind I have read alot of the common ones found from google and they aren’t helping I’m just more and more lost within all the different features and words.

Oh and I’m really not interested in all the bump mapping and UV and all that other funky stuff that terrains normally have, it just confuses me lol. A really basic grid of planes is my goal as I just want to learn how its done and whats going on. I did look at project examples but got lost within all the other bits like textures and bump maps and all the rest of it.

So again sorry for my lack of terminology but I hope you understand what I am wanting to do and can hopefully help me to achieve it.


P.S Please don’t just tell me to go away and read more about learning, you need to understand I understand things differently I’m a practical learner, you can tell me a million times in words but until I do it I can’t see how it works to understand what happened. I am willing to read it’s no problem it just doesn’t sink in.

Behold, Nick Breslin’s “Griddy”, a Unity grid library supporting square and hex grids: