Creating a two triangle plane

I would like to create a plane that has only 2 triangles in it. I tried blender but I’m really getting nowhere. The default plane in Unity has a ton of triangles which just isn’t necessary for my game. Can someone tell me how to do this?

The one you created in Blender has two triangles by the time it hits Unity. Just create a plane in Blender and save the .blend (or export fbx or collada 1.4) to your Assets and you’re done.

Also I think there’s something in the asset store that builds planes. God knows it’s easy enough.

But go get this first:

The cube has only two triangles per side. Alter the scales to the size you need, and let the height very small. It will not impact rendering too much, because most faces will be invisible (at most 3 faces can be seen at any point).

There’s a two triangle plane on the asset store.

And Unity 4.2 has a quad primitive.

Use the Quad type. Its a 2 triangle plane…