Creating a unity system, like a code Class


I have recently been mucking around in Unity, prototyping game ideas. However, I am having trouble understanding how to best organize large game systems.

It’s pretty easy to throw together some objects and scripts and get them running, but each time I try a new game idea, I need to totally destroy everything I did, an begin again.

My ideal situation is something like this:
No matter what, my game is going to have a system for people running around. (Simmilar to a sim game like Cafe Neopitanica)
What the actual objects moving around, what triggers movment x or movement y, or how the pathing works is all up to the type of game.
But there will be objects moving
They will have a set path
And they will have triggers to initiate different movments.

In a coding language, like C++, I could create a class that would handle most if not all of this, with me plugging in data.

What is the correct method for unity, to create a “System” that I can modify to my needs, like a class in c++?

Hope I made some sort of sense.

Both C# and UnityScript (aka Javascript) support classes. I’m not sure what the problem is. Generally you might make a ‘controller’ or ‘manager’ or ‘brain’ class that coordinates game activities.