Creating a village


We are currently working on a game and we (3 people) want to make a small village. We have no experience with any topic of programming.
Just a little question: Whats the best way to build the houses? Do you create them fully in Blender or do i build them in Unity with eg. Probuilder?

Probuilder is quite limited compared to blender,
so depends what kind of buildings do you want to make?

I agree with this. Between these two choices I would say that Probuilder is easier to use, but is really only good for simple geometry.

In Blender you can basically create anything, but it requires an investment of time to learn how to use. The interface can be overwhelming at first, but its really worth learning because it unlocks the door for creating your own 3D assets.

I'm using both in my current project. Blender is great for making quality, finished assets, but sometimes Probuilder comes in handy when you want something simple quick. Probuilder is especially great for iterative grey-box prototyping and creating low-res mesh colliders where you want to be able to make quick adjustments as you develop your game.

Ok thanks! We will try it with blender

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Ok thanks! We will try it with blender

I’m gonna drop in a bunch of handy tips and tricks to make your Blender3D in Unity3D experience smoother:

When I work in Blender3D for Unity3D use, I follow these organizational rules:

  • use Empty Blender Objects as folders: they come out as an extra GameObject

  • ALWAYS parent everything to a single Empty, even a single object

  • put as few objects in a given .blend file as possible, combining them in Unity into a prefab

  • REMOVE unnecessary items (Light, Camera, etc.)

  • use good names for your Blender3D objects and NEVER RENAME them after Unity sees them

  • don’t even think about final Materials or Textures in Blender. Set the mesh to use N different materials, but always set up the materials within Unity and disregard what gets imported.

Costs of Blender vs FBX:

Unity imports Blender3D objects as FBX via a little Python script:

The Python script that Unity uses (substitute your Unity version number or search) to import:


More on fixing it:

Blender3D objects used as trees / detail in Unity3D terrain (See the second half of this response)

Probuilder and Probuilderize and Blender:

Some more potentially-useful info:

Updating Blender files without breaking your prefabs: