Creating AI that follow military style manuevers

I am creating an RTS mod where once the players ships have been directed to attack an enemy unit the units will continue to attack the selected unit until the selected unit is destroyed or the selected unit moves out of the sphere collider range and comes into contact with another enemy unit causing the playes ship to engage the new unit.

I want to code the flight patterns of the players ships based upon real world military aeral dogfighting flight patterns.

I am very new to unity and have been going through unity cookies tutorials based upon Tower Defense and Lunar lander which are very helpful but have been unable to build a script where the unit will automatically fly along a certain path based upon the path being written based upon dogfighting manuevers.

Anyhelp would be greatly appreaciated.

It’s not a complete solution, but is a good starting point - it allows you create waypoints for your AI to follow.

You can modify this to have your AI move to a selected enemy rather than the next waypoint - this way they will chase enemies. Further modification will allow you to create wingman pairs - your lead AI getting a ‘chase this enemy’ script, the wingman getting a ‘follow this friend & shoot anybody who hit’s him’ script. That will take a little time but playing with the code at the link above should get you on the trail.

Here is a link to a formation that I am attempting to create