Creating an 'About' button then linking to Main Menu

Hey guys. Complete beginner here.

I’ve got a Main Menu (New Game, About, Quit), and another scene (Pong game).
New Game is working (Application.Loadlevel → pong scene).

I’m trying to create a panel for the about menu, but I don’t know how to enable/disable the menu.

I’ve got a pause menu that currently works, so I pretty much copied that script - the only difference is the pause menu gets triggered with ‘ESC’, but I’m trying to open the About menu with the mouse.

I’m trying to achieve the same thing by going back or (disabling) the about menu when I press the right arrow image (on the About page).
This is in C# by the way.

Any advice?
Thanks guys

Find the image that has Button script attached to it. Then, press + in the On Click () menu of the button. After that, drag the menu you want to disable there and select the function SetActive(bool).
This way, after the button is clicked, the dragged object will disappear. This way you can also make other object appear ( just tick the box that appears)

Fixed it by adding another OnClick() event to close the about menu panel.
Thanks for all the help guys!