Creating an aesthetic cubic image of water

As title says I wish to create a aesthetic volume of water, I’ve worked with Water Simple which comes with Unity, but that’s only good for one side, and sadly this water I’m trying to create is viewable from 3 sides.

I asked this question a ahilw back, but again with no answer. See question

Any ideas are much appreciated

Hey guy, are you talking about adding a water image to a cube and having it look as if the water on all sides of the cube are moving?

You can do this with the water unity comes with.

Inside of your cube, just add the Daylight Simple Water Prefab, scale it down in side the cube so it doesn’t show on the outside but make sure its touching the cube.

then add the Daylight Simple Water texture to your cube. Make the the prefab a child of the cube.

The reason you added the prefab inside of the cube is because the texture only moves if its touching the prefab.

if the water texture looks to big on the cube I think you can make it smaller, so it looks like theres more water in there.

Im not sure if this is the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps.