Creating an Array that can be accessed by a Random.Range c#

I’m wanting to create a way of grouping up voids that are named and allowing a random.range or something of that sort to go too one of those voids. I have been trying for days to figure this out but i can’t find a good source to store the data and a way to have the random.range to go too a random void in the data. Please explain how

    void born () {
    		text.text = "Welcome to the world!";
               if //if stuff
               else if // other stuff}

I did some thing like this with creating an array of int and base on the number call the right void ;

switch ( array[x] )
case 0 :  // calling void 0 ; break;
case 1:  // calling void 1 ; break;
case 2:  // calling void 2; break;