Creating an electrical wiring assessment/simulation

I’m looking for advice on the best way to approach the task below. Keep in mind, I’m not a professional programmer (probably a 4 on a 10 point scale (C#)).

I’m creating a simulated electrical hook-up assessment where the user follows a provided electrical schematic to connect wires. There are 20 wires that need to be connect to their counterparts based on the schematic (two groups of 10). I want to allow the user to connect the wires in any configuration they choose (wrong way and right way). This approach creates a huge number of possible variations!.
They will test their wiring at the end by throwing a switch; if they did it correctly, the light turns on, if not, nothing happens. If the light doesn’t turn on, they can then go back and try to correct their mistake (i.e., they need the ability to disconnect wires).

Currently, I’m planning on building the mock-up in 3D (wires included). However, I’m open to 2D solutions as well.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



FYI: Using Unity 5.3

As a test, I created a rigged IK wire in blender and imported it thinking I could programmatically move the IK controller to a position (i.e., connect the wires). However, once the model is in Unity, I can’t find a way to control the wire movement outside of animating it, which is exactly what I’m trying to avoid (having to animate several hundred connection options). Is it even possible to move a rig around programmatically without saved animations?
BTW- The question of my initial post still stands. I may be approaching this the wrong way.

Thanks again.