Creating an unconventional ragdoll

Hi all! I'm making a game where you throw things around with the intention of breaking them, and I'm having trouble creating the broken prefab's ragdoll-iness.

Example A is a daffodil. I made this myself in maya, it has it's own skeleton of joints consisting of:

Base-->Stembend1-->Stembend2-->flowercenter-->|-->petal1 |-->petal2 |-->petal3 |-->petal4 I want it to be able to go limp once it is clicked and broken. I've had a look at the ragdoll wizard, but it seems to only work for things with a humanoid structure. I need to have a complex join where four petals attach to the flower center. Also, how do you locate the "bones"? My stem is a long polygonal cylinder, and features two joints but is the one object. Any help is apreciated!


we just made a new tool, suitable for non humanoid game models too, and this model of yours looks like a challenge. It’s called URG and it’s an automatic ragdoll generator.

Please download the free version and try it out, it should be able to at least set the joints in the stem, one petal above (sort of the head) and at least in one ‘branch’ of the petals (arms or legs).

As a matter of fact, in the worst case it should get you to the best starting point possible :slight_smile:

We love ragdolls. They’re awesome fun.