Creating animations and objects for Unity

When we model, bone and animate characters in third party applications for Unity, we need to make appx 60 frames of animated FBX of characters for each action such as idle, walking, turning, running, jumping, shooting, hiding, flying, smiling and talking etc. We then import them into Unity and control objects(animated 3D models) using javascripts.

My questions are:

  1. Am I right with the above approach in terms of creating animated characters and objects for Unity?
  2. If I need to bring characters in close ups (cinema style) can I use the camera or javascript?
  3. Is it possible to have characters lip-sync for dialogue with free version of Unity? In other word, can I place a dialouge clip (mp3 or wav) to match the lip movement of a character with right frame rate in Unity free version? Please assume that lip-sync animation is done in another application.
  4. Is it possible to integrate video clips and motion graphics clips in avi, mov, mpeg4, f4v or flv.
  5. Can I place other characters and objects on top of the videos?
  6. Are video clips too heavy to download for web based games or mobile applications?

Thank you for your replies and support

  1. yes, there’s a way to do it (name
    _ of _ model@animation_name)

  2. yes, and C#, my favorite, for its
    simplicity :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. yes, but you’d have
    to make sure the animation is
    fine-tuned to the music

  4. no, with
    free version, you’d need an array of
    .jpeg, .png, .ect. and play them
    back with some kind of simple
    timer/iterator code

  5. considering
    the “videos” would be done as
    materials on objects, yes.

  6. I’d
    think they take awhile, and as for
    the iOS, movies seem to only work as
    cutscenes that take up the whole
    rectangular screen.