Creating animations for Unity


I’ve created some BVH files using Poser 6 and converted them to FBX files in Blender 2.65. Then, I imported them into Unity 4 to use in Mecanim. I tried applying the animation to the robot model from the Mecanim tutorial. The animation itself works as expected. But, for some reason, I’m not getting any forward movement. I made sure that I checked ‘Apply root motion’ on my animator. So, it’s not that.

I’ve included the files form my [|6987] folder. They include my BVH file that I exported from Poser and my FBX file that I created in Blender. If someone could tell me where i went wrong, i would be very thankful.

Thanks in advance,


You need a script to move it forward, like the unity asset third person controller, or just the walking script in that, but I would recommend that whole prefab and edit it, because it has a animation script there already.

Thank you for the answer. I think there is more to it than that though. I followed the tutorial for Mecanim Unity 4. I originally used the animations and scripts they supplied. When i uncheck ‘Apply root motion’ on my animator, the models stops moving forward and walks in place. I check it back and it moves again. Then, i replace the animation provided with the tutorial with my animation from Poser 6/Blender and the model started walking in place again. I also see a difference in the animation preview window. The animation provided with the tutorial shows she model moving forward. When i put my animation in the preview window, it shows it walking in place. From that, it seems that Mecanim in Unity 4 is getting motion information from the animation.

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