Creating apk with Android Studio and split OBB


I’m trying to remove the READ_PHONE_STATE permission from my APK and it seems the only way I can do this with the latest version of Unity is to export to an Android Studio project and remove it inside of the AndroidManifest.xml file there.

I’ve been able to do that and generate an APK (after much confusion), but now I need to split the application binary since the APK exceeds Google Play’s limit.

I checked off the split application binary box and it made an OBB file for me, but the APK I generate from Android Studio is very large (same size as it was before I split the OBB).

Can anyone provide any assistance for generating a signed APK and OBB from Android Studio?


This was my mistake. I was exporting the project into an existing folder (where I had previously exported without the split binary box checked).

Creating a new folder with the split binary box checked resolve the issue.