Creating cloth in the Unity 5

In Unity 4 I created a game object Cloth and attached it to some sphere colliders to prevent it’s falling down.

But in Unity 5 I don’t see where I can create object Cloth, I can create only component Cloth.
And by some reason it always fall down, can’t understand, why.

And why each element for sphere colliders (in the inspector) have place for two colliders? In the previous version one element contained one collider.

OK I wanted to know about cloth in Unity 5 anyway so I did a bit of digging. You probably already know a lot of this but this is how I got it to stay in place from scratch.

Add an empty GameObject, AddComponent → Cloth. In SkinnedMeshRender click the selection circle in Mesh and select Plane.

Now click on the Edit Constraints in the Cloth. You should be able to see the vertices as little black squares. Select the ones you want to stay in place and tick MaxDistance, I set it to 0 which appears to work, you can also select surface penetration but MaxDistance appears to hold it in place on its own.


I just constrained the corners of the cloth but you might want to do all the top row.

Wow!!! Work nice!!! Thanksss!!! Save the day!!!