Creating GameObject and showing text on it

Hello. Newbie here.

I’m trying to create (or show) a speech bubble which is a simple sprite, and then show some text in it every time I click another game object. I’ve tried doing it with GUI.TextField , but it doesn’t seem to work.

The function below is called every time I click on the gameobject with thee script attached to it. How do I make it so that every time I call playSound, I create an instance of the speech bubble (and destroy the other one) as well as adding a text to it? I tried making a string with every string that’s to be displayed and then passing it into GUI.TextField with clip as the index. But it doesn’t work.

Im using 4.6 Beta.

public void playSound(int clip){
			if(clip <= audioClips.Length && !audio.isPlaying){
				audio.clip = audioClips [clip];
				audio.Play ();


There are some useful scripts in this thread, are you looking to use a solution similar to the “Interactable Text” script?