Creating object as a child in group by script

Hello guys! please can some 1 help me? a need do that:
if collision is detected—>create variable Gunspawn(object)into variable placespawn(hi’s location in group of object(child))

var destroy :AudioClip;

private var destroyaudiosource:AudioSource;

private var isPlayingSound:boolean;

var Gunspawn: GameObject;

var placespawn: Transform;

function Start(){



function OnCollisionEnter(Gun : Collision){

if (Gun.gameObject.tag == "gun") {



//Destroy (gameObject);	

please help me what i need to write here for creating existed object in group as chil?



You can make one GameObject a child of another GameObject by setting its transform.parent property. The page I just linked has a few simple examples. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes its work! thx you verry much!!! but it write a problem (NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object)

if some 1 need to do what i write in description script need to be like that:
function OnCollisionEnter(Gun : Collision){

function OnCollisionEnter(Gun : Collision){

if (Gun.gameObject.tag == "gun") {


GunpositionTransform.localPosition = Vector3(-3.122956,-0.01368039,0.04606679);


} //vector3(set your position where you wonna place that child axis xyz)