Creating objects to be used as hardpoints

New to Unity, it will be quite obvious in a moment. My plan so far is to use designated “hard points or strut points” on 3D models where it would be possible to snap two objects together. This should be easy enough as far as scripting goes, but how would I set up recognizable points to use? I intend to have a broad selection, so hard coding isn’t ideal here. Any way I could “attach a tagged object” in Unity? Or even better, in modeling software then export it included?

I’m thinking you could name empties on your model in the 3D app to search for them by name in Unity. Then, though, the workload is in the 3D app - naming each “empty” hardpoint in a fashion which provides all their necessary metadata (big turrets vs small, what-have-you) and also distinguishes them from identical siblings. If you can talk more about what’s needed, other ideas might emerge.