Creating one detailed hallway and easily repeat it

As im new to unity i was wondering if there is a way to easily create hallways that is based on some predifned scheme you make.

For instance, if i create a hallway “part” that is 1 meter in length and i want it to repeat for 10 meters. Can i creat the one meter with details and then use some tool to repeat it for 10 meters easily? Maybe even create turning points that automaticly get created if i “draw” a path that turns, also based on some pre created scheme.

To be specific im thinking about creating a spaceship, but i would hate to create the same hallways over and over again if you get my point.

You set up the objects in scene under 1 main object then drag that object with its hierarchy in to the Project explorer, somewhere. This creates a prefab which you can drag and drop or instantiate by script.