Creating pop up window in unity


A quick question.

Does any body know the syntax for creating a pop up window. I basically want to have a small button on top left corner of my screen which when clicked, pops up a small window that shows all the different resources the player is left with. I want this window to stick out on top of my current scene and go off when i press an esc button.


Do you mean this?

Or something else?

yeah that was the first thing i wanted to do and i later figured out how to do it with GUI.window. But now, I want to pretty up the way it should appear over the scene. For instance, instead of just appearing from no where, i would like it to pop-out from a location and the window quickly grows to its size (or any interesting animation effect).....i just don;t know if it's possible in unity.

Any help here?


Some kind of Lerp applied to the Rect of the GUI.Window. Some effect like window taskbar ? I think it is not impossible...

Yeah. I would think if you set the size of the window Rect when it is fully openned, and then use a Lerp-ed scalar value on that Rect, that would essentially do what you want.