Creating project folder failed!,creating project folder failed!

I tried to create project folder but it keeps saying creating project folder failed.

How can i fix this?

My unity editor version is 2019.3.0a4 and my save folder is C:/program files/Unity. It ran well before.

@unitied111 Ok, so what I found out that worked for me, when it asks you were you want the folder to be created, I created the folder on my desktop and then afterwards drag that folder into the respected area I wanted it to go in the first place. It’s monotonous I know, but it worked for me, hopefully it works for you.

Run Unity Hub as administrator;

Soo I had to run as Admin plus put the project folder on the desktop as it wouldn’t work if it was just one or the other…

Check the owner of the directory where you are going to create a project.