Creating rigid bodies for elevator

I have a working elevator, but I fall through the elevator floor and do not go up with it. I have been reading the Unity Ref pages on Rigid Bodies and I seem to get the idea, but applying it is where I am having trouble. I have one gameObject that is the elevator, and a trigger surrounding it and is also a child of the elevator. What is the process for making the elevator and FPCobject a rigid body and making a fixed joint so that the FPCobject goes up with the elevator? I can learn the scripting on my own, I just need to understand the process so I can go put it all together.

What I and echo to solve the problem of the elevator is either use the example 2d gameplaytutorial that unity on this page it works out well in this example the thing is when you have a player montonde scripts that control the movement and what I did was to see how it is solved in this example and develop my own version for my playercontroller is basically what the character is detected on the surface that will force him to lift and move the position of the object that raised or lowered