creating slider select menu using scroll rect unity 4.6 UI?

hi guys, i have to try make select menu using scroll rect in unity 4.6 like the picture in this link :

but actually, i want to make menu like this…

where the menu is like have magnet if menu on center position like the picture number two. i want to make thats using scroll rect, but how can i make like that using unity 4.6 ?

Currently you will need to script this.

This functionality is on road map to be built in, but there are additional bits of core functionality that are higher up on the list.

I don’t have a good script for you and I plan to do a live session on this in the future, but the best direction I can help you with is OnPointerUp, you need to look at the two closest positions and then do a Lerp or MoveTowards the closest position. I did something similar for a moving indicator over a static image selector in EZGui, and I felt it was “intermediate” in difficulty.

If I get a good script that I’ll use for my session, I’ll let you know.

Is this what you were looking for?

This will cover your basic scrolling menu:

It doesn’t cover the zoom when it’s centered, nor does is “snap”, but it’s a place to start.