Creating two arrays in one script and using them outside that script

I dont know if this is actually possible, but I am trying to create a ArrayManager script that will be placed on the parent of two empty gameObjects and store their children in an array.

Then I want to use these two arrays in another script, but of course when you try this, it only grabs one instance of the script. Is there a way to set it up so that I can grab both arrays without having to make two scripts or do some weird setup where I grab the object I have the script on, grab its specific script, and use that?


//file 1

var something : Array();

//file 2

var something2 : Array();

//Manager file
var something3: Array();

    something3 = GameObject.FindWithTag("container1").GetComponent(file1);
    something3 = GameObject.FindWithTag("container2").GetComponent(file2);
function Update(){
   foreach(something3 as effect){
      //your code