Creating UI buttons - button as a component instead of standalone

i am using unity 2020.1.7f1 and sometimes when i want to create a button it does the expected and it creates a button game object completed with image and stuff , and other times it creates the button as a component of the canvas (or any highlighted game UI object ) i tried looking for documentation about this but all i could find is old info

my question is how can i choose when i want a standalone button and when i want my button as a component ? is this a normal behavior or is it a bug

in Unity there exist 2 menus one called " game Object " and other called " Component "

if you want to create a Game object button that comes with image and button component use the game object menu

if you want to just add a button component to game object use the component menu
this way you get the expected behavior from each menu you want accordingly

apparently i never knew that a component menu exist at the top because i was either right clicking the object to add component or using the add component button in the inspector , well now i know .