Critical: Application icon doesn't show

Since about a month I can’t build with an application icon any more (at least for Mac OS X). Even the Angrybots demo just gets the default Unity icon instead of the icon set in the player settings inspector. I tried deleting and reinstalling unity, including deleting the preference files. I’m using Unity Pro 4.2.1f4 (+iOS Pro) on Mac OS X 10.8.4. I already had the issue in 4.1.x.

Looking into the application files, it seems Contents/Resources/UnityPlayer.icns is not generated, but no errors show up in editor logs.
The banner in the settings window is missing as well.

Maybe related to the issue the Check for updates always gave Unity was up-to-date even when updates were out.

As I need to make deliverables this is becoming critical!

#solution here …

Apparently, there’s a quick solution for it.
Click your app, and get into “Info” (Command+i)

Open your icon picture in preview
Ctrl+A, & Ctrl+C (Select ALL & Copy)

Click the app icon located at the top left corner in the Info View
Ctrl+V (Paste)

It seems that I can manually place an UnityPlayer.icns file in the Contents/Resources folder and it works. The banner image is apparently called ScreenSelector.tif so I can get around that as well, so for now I can at least make complete mac applications. Haven’t checked out yet if iOS apps go wrong as well, but if it does I guess I can fix it in XCode. Probably the only way out is to do a complete reinstall of Mac OS X and Unity to resolve this weird bug. Not something I look forward to…

It works fine in x86 OSX builds. Build for x86 and then copy the files over like jkreijkamp suggested.