Critical: Sprite Selection Window preview not loading in Unity 2021.3.29f1

As title says after upgrade from Unity 2021.3.13f to 2021.3.29f1 I constantly encounter problem when Sprite Select Window previews not loading making selection of sprites completely impossible...

To make it load previews I need to select EVERY sprite in this window, then close and open window again, I will see previews of sprites I clicked on previously, but after editor restart previews are blank again...

Deleted Library folder and reimported project, nothing changed.


Anyone who now workaround for this - please let me know. Thanks.


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Issue tracker:

This issue exist since Jun and covers at least every user with URP installed, despite this facts still not fixed in 2021 LTS, just to let you know guys.

ASAP fix: download prior 2021.3 version without that issue and upgrade to that. If it‘s not known when that issue was introduced, a quick divide and conquer upgrading cycle should quickly determine that. Eg you went from 13 to 29, the reasonable first version to check would be (29-13)/2+13=21. Depending on whether it works in 21 or not, you do the same going for either a higher (25) or lower version (17) until you find the highest version without that issue.

Note: make backups, and ideally only upgrade from the v13 version of the project, and definitely always start with the same project meaning: don‘t downgrade to 21, then up/downgrade that downgraded project again. This is to avoid any issues caused by repeat changes of the editor version.

Thanks for the effort, unfortunately this is not the answer people like me looking for. I will spend hour for each project reimport, means I could spend whole day on this joke.
Issue is known for a long time by Unity, they just ignore it.

They don‘t ignore it, it‘s as usual that there are more important things to fix. Sure the sprite preview is annoying, but a performance regression or a crash bug are way more important than this.

Also, you needn‘t specifically test this issue with your entire project. A new project with one or more sprites will suffice. Actually, if you do this in patch 29 and it does show preview images, that‘ll also be a pointer that the issue is part of the project.

I understand your point, however such level of stability and service in unacceptable. They don't pay us to sorry about their busy deals with fixing their engine/editor. Unity going in a way of proprietary engine so we have a full right to blame them for the fact they are breaking engine/editor so much they have "more prioritized" tasks on fixing a lot of more critical bugs.

Bad decisions => More bugs popups. Simple. Now we are at the point when fixing of something simple that should just work takes months at LTS. This is already critical bug and if there is something more critical for months - this is bad sign. This is means only one simple thing: this company is dying.

Also I want to add I never was able to login to Unity issue-tracker for some reason... This is like a mem about crash-reporter crash.

Just FYI this is in the issue you linked:

It also reads:
Not reproducible with: 2021.3.28f1

Okay, I see not reproducible version. However fix is still not arrived and judging by how much time it taken to get into review Im not waiting to see it soon. And yes, I see where it fixed as well as you. My current project on version 2021.3.29f1 and I will not upgrade it to even less stable 2022.3.x version to get more of new issues...

Well, you asked for a fix ASAP. If correct, all it takes is downgrade by one patch level to 28f1.

Yeah, I mean thanks for that, I missed this part.

9274194--1298760--4MZohECyxh.png Still not fixed in 2021.3.30f1 despite it was marked as fixed!
Nothing changed at all.

Downgrade to 2021.3.28f1 also did not helped

This is a really annoying issue I am getting in 2022.2.11f1. My sprites never render a preview, and it makes developing more of a slog.

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Same problem with version 2023.3.12.