Cross platform 2D camera

I just started game development in 2D unity and my first game was pong.
I’m now having quite some trouble with the camera.
the optimal view of the game is as shown in this picture inside the game view, where the 2 pads controlled by the players are sticking to the left and right borders almost perfectly.

however when I resize the view-port to different resolutions I get different results as shown in the picture.

The pads have disappeared!!
How can I achieve a game play that supports different resolutions?
Is there a script that could be written to the camera?
Or do we have to design different versions of the same game but for different platforms? and if we have to do so, how could we do it?

Is the pad 2D Object ?? if yes, use UI ELement… if no … try camera mode, tutorial in here Cameras and Effects - Unity Learn :slight_smile: