Crossdomain policy problem.

Hi! I’ve been trying to fix this all day, but without any luck. I setup a MySQL database hosting at 000webhost, it works fine, I can add stuff, retrieve information. Well, it works except in an online hosted webplayer on dropbox. When I run the webplayer locally, it’s fine, but when I play it online (public link), it stops working. Weirdest thing is, I can even access the file manually.
The domain is:

when I open a web browser and go to, it loads fine.

But when the webplayer tries to access it, it fails, with 3 errors:

- Error reading crossdomain policy: Invalid attr value
- Rejected because no crossdomain.xml policy file was found
- SecurityException: No valid crossdomain policy available to allow access

It’s odd, because the first error basically contradicts the second one, because it clearly found a crossdomain.xml file, just couldn’t read it properly.

Anyways, is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Has anyone fixed it already?


Alright, I’ve finally managed to find and fix the issue. The problem was, that because I am hosting the webplayer on Dropbox, it defaults to https:// instead of http://. Then, when Unity tried to connect to the database server, it failed, because the protocols didn’t match. Anyways, the fix was to use in my script.

I’m having this problem right now. I don’t know how to access the crossdomain.xml that I put in the public_html of 000webhost. My project in unity can access the database of localhost and php files but when I used this 000webhost, can’t save data to online database. what solution should I do?