crossdomain.xml policy file


Just rolled onto the latest beta of unity3, I imagine this question will be raised at some point. I did not find help pertaining to this file.

1) What should the content be for general dev, not release (give us a non blocking example, we will figure out the release at some point).

2) I tried to use a sample one with the following information :

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<allow-access-from domain="*" />

I have put it in the root of my asset folder and in the root of my web site (where I get my bundles and web pages) but it does not work.

Thanks for your help in advance !

After much bashing my head into walls, it appears that the above text works ONLY IF SAVED AS A UTF-8 FORMATTED .XML FILE.

If you save it as a different character set, such as the one my (stupid) editor defaults to, it will not work.

I think that's likely why it works for some people, not for others, and no one can quite figure out why.

Hi all... I simply put a crossdomain.xml file in my site's root with the excat same code from the example and it worked fine..

Thanks all ;)