crosshair help needed

hello everyone

i have a cross hair in my third person shooter game and it moves around with my mouse. so basically where ever my mouse is that's where the cross hair is as well. I need help making it so that my bullets that my character fires land within the cross hair that i have. i also want my player to turn to face which ever direction the cross hair is facing because it can spin in a 360 degree angle. any help will be really appreciated. i have little experience with scripting so please try to help me.

thanks in advance

Having done these 3rd person crosshairs before, the way to do it is to shoot a ray from the camera through your crosshair (I take it that its at the center of the screen - and thus the camera ray would automagically go through it) - and then see where your crosshair collides with geometry.

You then use THAT position to point your character and his gun towards.

there is a complete in depth FPS tutorial in unity's website. basically you can use mouse look script of standard assets and always draw a crosshair in center of the screen.