Crossplatform game optimization question


I’m making a crossplatform game with Unity and everything’s fine. And I thought - is this enough to make a game like for a PC and than just compile it for mobile devices? Does Unity making all other optimization things?


No, unity will do some things, but yes, you need to do optimization… if for nothing, to use the capabilities of the platform(windows/osx let you get away with murder due to high ram / cpu / gpu abilities). This may include different shaders, textures, etc.

Google gives lots of love on this topic, as well as unity’s documentations

Optimizing Performance in iOS

Nope. If you make a scene that doesn’t batch well and has a lot of draw calls or some very complex shaders, it’ll most probably cause performance issues with mobile.

400 draw calls, big textures, complex shaders and half a mil polys may be ok for a pc, but not so much for a mobile.